June 9, 2015

Media and Press Kit

Kinston Teens Fast Facts

  • Kinston Teens was founded by, then, 14-year old Christopher Suggs on October 21, 2014 as an effort to get youth involved in civics, service, and making positive impacts in the local community.
  • Kinston Teens makes partnerships with local government agencies, schools, youth organizations, and religious groups to create civic engagement and community service opportunities for our city’s youth.
  • Kinston Teens is governed by a Board of Directors, operates under the leadership of an Executive Director and a youth-led Leadership Council, and provided guidance and assistance by an Adult Advisory Committee.
  • Kinston Teens was incorporated with the State of North Carolina on February 3rd, 2015, and is a federal tax-exempt nonprofit under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • The mission of Kinston Teens is to serve and improve the Kinston community by promoting youth community service, leadership, and civic engagement; forming and strengthening relationships between our city’s youth and our local government, schools, and other established institutions; and providing young people with the educational tools and resources needed to succeed in their schools, communities and beyond.
  • Currently, our organization operates primarily on the financial support of parents and individual community members.
  • The organization has received local, state-level, national and international exposure:

Kinston Teens Logos
Official Kinston Teens logos. ZIP file.

Kinston Teens Overview
Overview of Kinston Teens’ history, mission and programs. PDF file.

Kinston Teens Photos
Collection of photos of Kinston Teens members, and from events. ZIP file

Christopher J. Suggs Bio
Visit www.kinstonteens.org/chris

Media Contact

IMG_9381 (1)Christopher J. Suggs
Founder & President
email: chris@kinstonteens.org