March 13, 2016

Youth Leadership & Resource Center

Since it’s inception, Kinston Teens has recognized the need for designated workspace for organizational purposes, as well as a central location for small meetings, project planning, and a base for the members of Kinston Teens to call “their own.” Research suggests that it’s important for young people to have a workspace to foster their passion in community building work:

Young people need a home base that provides steady connections to adults who can build a team, broker opportunities and facilitate relationships with other adults, organizations and businesses.

But young people also need designated work spaces equipped with phones, computers and other office equipment and supplies needed to do their jobs. They need a serious place to do serious work.

A good home base creates an environment in which young people can develop work relationships, hone their ideas, manage their tasks and responsibilities and develop a sense of accountability.

Ideally, a home base should be physically accessible, located in or near a neighborhood or community where young people live and where they will focus their work.

  • A “home base” provides a system of support that connects youth to organizational resourcIMG_5760es and designated reliable adults.
  • Youth need designated, accessible workspace, access to basic office resources and facilitated opportunities to engage in community change work.
  • Creating a “home base” in the neighborhood is important to ground youth engagement work at the neighborhood or community level and to create ownership.”

from: Core Principles for Engaging Youth in Community Change Work
The Forum for Youth Investment, July 2007


Founded in October 2014, the mission of Kinston Teens, Inc. is to empower youth through service, leadership, and civic engagement opportunities while improving our community as a whole. In the short time this organization has been active, it has done that and more.

In January 2015, our organization held a Teen Town Hall for young people in our community to voice their concerns to local community and government leaders. One of the chief complaints from our community’s youth was that there is a lack of positive alternatives and outlets for young people in our city. It is our goal to combat this.

That’s why, in the summer of 2015, we opened our Youth Leadership & Resource Center for our members in the Kinston Enterprise Center. This space serves as a hub for our organization’s youth to plan service projects and events, have access to technology resources and internet, and connect with local civic and business leaders.


The objective of the Kinston Teens Youth Leadership & Resource Center is to create, promote and increase the awareness of programs and resources that benefit the young people of the Kinston-Lenoir County community, while equipping youth and young adults with tools, skills, trainings and values to be dynamic leaders and productive citizens both locally and globally and placing them in positions to do so!

We will achieve this goal by offering programs and services such as: a printed and digital Youth Resource Guide detailing programs for young people in our community; youth employment, volunteer and mentor training and placement; monthly youth leadership trainings; hosting Youth Resource Fairs to promote and increase the awareness of youth programs; providing meeting space for youth groups; involving youth in the planning of initiatives and policies for our community; and more.

Our organization believes that our youth are not only the leaders of tomorrow, but also of today!

Find out more information about how you can support or benefit from this center by calling us at (252) 522-8012, or stopping by at 327 N. Queen Street, Suite 111.