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About Us

A voice for our city's future. Uplifting, motivating and empowering Kinston's youth.

From the White House to the Capitol Building, to boardrooms and city halls, young people are often left out of the decisions that most affect them. That’s why, 14 years old, Christopher J. Suggs founded Kinston Teens in October of 2014.

Already a prominent voice and representative of youth in his community, he started Kinston Teens as an effort to amplify the voices of all of the youth of Kinston, and to create civic engagement and community service opportunities as positive alternatives for teens. In the short time that Kinston Teens has been active, it has engaged more than one hundred youth in its programs and has worked hard to include young people in the efforts to better our community. Kinston Teens has organized award-winning leadership development initiatives, and has been recognized on local, state, national and global platforms for its efforts.

Kinston Teens is proud to have had such measurable success in a considerably short amount of time. We’re grateful for the support we’ve had from our community, and look forward to continuing our efforts to improve our great city!

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